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It's no secret that it's thanks to video that you can qualitatively demonstrate the level of the company, the functionality of the project, or explain to the user how to interact with the product. Even video reviews have more value than any other type of review. Competent specialists of the studio are ready to make for you a quality video product for any tasks and any degree of complexity.

video reviews

from $50

Video testimonials for your project/company in an arbitrary format. Non-professional actors who will record a video address according to a prepared script. If necessary, video editing, combination with screen recording or other variations are possible. Speech can be in Russian and English. Subtitles can be added in any language.

screencast video

from $75

Screen Cast - screen recording. Good for reviewing a project, explaining functionality, or for video tutorials. Recording video with subtitles or dictionaries + subtitles according to the script. Possible accompaniment by a professional narrator. Speech can be in Russian or English. Subtitles can be added in any language.

Video cut

from $100

Montage of video sequences from available public videos with diction and/or subtitles. Suitable for company or project presentation, news or contest. Quite universal and budget type of video.

Animated video

from $500

Development of a unique animation based on the script and voice-over narration in Russian or English. Video that will sell, present and show the level of your project / company. We will write a cool script, make a creative 2D or 3D video and characters, and voice the professional speaker. It is possible to add subtitles in any language.

High Level Video

from $2500

Professional video for high-level companies. Actors, rental offices and expensive cars, extras, your company logos on the office wall, on cups and pens, conferences and more. Maximum impetus for your business. Expensive and effective.

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