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Resource activities The studio is an intermediary in those or other services related to the implementation of investment platforms. The studio positions itself as a supplier of special software and a technical team. The client, who applied to the studio, receives an investment platform, which is created for him and according to his requirements.

Risk warning Any user or customer agrees that investing in cryptocurrency markets, forex markets or any other investment vehicles, exchanges, startups, etc. - are directly associated with risks. Any published information may lose its accuracy and relevance due to certain economic, market, exchange events or other reasons. The administration cannot guarantee the accuracy of such information, and strongly reminds that this information is published for informational and reference purposes only.
Once the finished project is delivered to the customer, all responsibility passes entirely to the customer. Access to the wallets, project management tools and the solvency of the project is completely under the responsibility of the customer. For its part, the administration of the studio provides only technical execution and support of its author's product (software, software) and has nothing to do with anything else.

Rights and obligations of the parties The user has the right to:

  • Search for information on the site
  • Get information on the website
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  • At its own discretion and as needed to create, modify, revoke rules
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  • Create, modify, delete information

The user is obligated to:

  • Do not copy information from the site to other resources
  • Do not disturb the performance of the site

The administration is obligated to:

  • Maintain the performance of the site, solve technical problems, except when it is impossible for reasons beyond the control of the Administration
  • Consider the personal data provided by the User as confidential information and not to disclose it to third parties
  • Not to disclose the Customer's personal data to third parties

The administration is not responsible for:

  • For blocking the Customer's domain in the process of its operation. The administration cannot influence domain name registrars and such organizations as Spamhaus, and similar, which can include the domain in the block list, thereby blocking it
  • For the Customer's negligent attitude to his personal data. For example, weak passwords to the admin panel of the site, payment system accounts, social network accounts, which may be personal correspondence with an attachment of data from the wallets of payment systems
  • For the actions of the customer. After delivery of the order (site), all responsibility to the visitors is the owner of the site (customer). Administration only creates sites for customers and then only the customer completely manages the project at his discretion