Individual turnkey investment project


xxx Service description

The service involves the realization of your idea. Our team is ready to get involved in your idea, work it out, give recommendations and after that, qualitatively implement and package your online business turnkey. Anonymously, safely and at a high level.

xxx What we are qualified for

  • Investment projects

    From an idea to a fully realized and packaged investment project. You will get a unique product that fully meets your requirements. We create turnkey popular platforms, such as: hyip projects, economic games, trust management sites, investment telegram bots, etc., where the basis is the receipt and payment of funds from popular payment systems, or cryptocurrencies.

  • Other individual platforms

    Development and packaging of a full-fledged online business. We will help to create and run: online exchanger, bingo, casino, advertising exchanges or other individual projects.

  • Various resources for earning money

    Creating a type of resource, such as: project monitoring, a blog on earnings, a forum, etc.

  • Traditional sites for any business

    Yes, working with investment projects is what we get drive from. However, we are ready to create for you at a high level the traditional types of sites: business card site, online store and other web resource of any complexity.

Launch your project

xxx Who is suitable for launching an investment project

  • Newbies who want to try their hand at project administration

  • Ambitious admins who know how to use this tool

  • For startups that want to grow and attract investment

  • For traders who want to attract funds for trust management

  • Already working companies that want to launch a new product


We carefully study the requirements and dive into the idea, documenting everything in the terms of reference. We don't take on projects that we can't implement.


We write cool code. Your scripts will be hack-resistant, the code will be optimized for search bots, and the adaptive design will allow you to comfortably use your resource from any device.

budgetary framework

We'll fit within your budget by discussing functionality and other nuances. We will recommend what you can limit or use a more budget-friendly option.

Example of packaging


  • We discuss all the details, get in touch and communicate if necessary
  • We form the terms of reference for the project, document all the tasks and everything else
  • The process of implementing unique designs for website pages and personal account
  • Development of necessary promotional materials:
    • Banners, presentations
    • Unique characters for the site
    • Graphics for social networks
    • Additional graphics (3D coins, documentation, etc.)
    • Video presentations or other types of video
  • Development of necessary functionality, integration of designs into the engine
  • Registering a company in England, adding the relevant documents to the site
  • Connecting everything you need:
    • SSL Certificate
    • Ddos protection
    • Dedicated server, dedicated ip address
    • add-ons, chats, graphs and more as desired
  • Very high quality testing and fixing all bugs
  • Technical manager for the entire duration of the project

  • This package is presented as an example. Any project is discussed individually. Price and terms of realization can be announced only after preliminary discussion of requirements.

from $ 1499

Why our studio

From our side you will receive maximum involvement and attention to detail. It's important to us that everything meets your expectations

By starting a partnership, we become part of your team with one common goal. Along the way, we will make recommendations if you need them

We understand the market and we don't need to "spell it out. We provide services for online businessmen, which means you don't have to spend a lot of time

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