Ready-made solutions for HYIP projects

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DEMO #138

πŸ€– Investment Telegram Bot

DEMO #136

πŸ“Œ Classic HYIP πŸ’Ž Unique design

DEMO #135

πŸ“Œ Classic HYIP πŸ’Ž Unique design

DEMO #131

πŸ“Œ Classic HYIP

DEMO #125

πŸ“Œ Classic HYIP

DEMO #123

πŸ“Œ Classic HYIP πŸ’Ž Unique design

DEMO #122

πŸ“Œ Classic HYIP

Any of the prepared project proposals can be changed/improved. Add necessary pages or blocks, replace images, text, colors. Expand language versions, payment systems, tariff plans, finalize the necessary functionality, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are ready-made solutions for launching your investment project. Our team prepares projects in advance according to popular requirements, so on this page you can see ready-made options (ready design, legend, etc.), which we can customize and launch for you in up to 10 days. You will receive a project where your payment systems will be connected and everything will be customized based on your requirements. When the project is ready, you will also get access to the administrator panel, with the help of admin you can manage the project and monitor its statistics.

To do so, contact the studio manager using the details on the Contacts page. Report the number of your favorite DEMO, as well as think and report any additional wishes for the project.

Each ready-made project solution has its own price, which differs depending on the complexity of the design, inherent functionality of the project and other parameters. Also, the packaging may vary, depending on the type of ready-made solution (classic project, telegram bot, etc.) These are the general points already included in the price of the service:

  • Your chosen DEMO of a ready-made solution (design, content, functionality)
  • Adaptation and customization of the project to your requirements
  • Any domain for 1 year
  • Hosting on our server
  • First month's rent included
  • Unique logo for your company
  • DDoS protection
  • SSL certificate

More information about the rental service can be found at this page.

Yes, the price includes minor edits and improvements. For example, you can provide us with text or images, and we will replace them, customize variables, remove or add something, etc. If we talk about more serious changes (for example – add another platform language, add pages or sections of the site, expand payment systems, etc.), it will increase the cost of the project.

The administrator panel has a wealth of functionality and features. The main ones, which are usually the key ones, are listed below:

  • Platform statistics

    View general statistics, how many users, how many contributions, from what resources go to your project, top tables by referrals, contributions and much more.

  • Project users

    The general table of all users, the ability to enter any user and see the personal account β€œthrough his eyes”, detailed statistics for each user, the ability to edit data for each user (for example, you can set an individual percentage of affiliate commission for a particular user).

  • Project Events Log

    Table of all project events, which contains all events of all users. It is possible to filter by a large number of parameters.

  • Payments from the project

    Display of new requests for payment confirmation, as well as detailed information on all payments from the balance of the project.

  • Various other useful tables

    All active deposits with details, curator and referral tree, etc.

  • News management

    Functionality to add and edit news wherever there are blocks with news display.

  • Ticket system

    Communication between the administration and all users of your project. There are new messages that need to be answered, you can also write to any user of the project.

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