Effective marketing for an investment project


Below are services for the promotion, promotion and recognition of your resource. These services will contribute to the faster development of your project, attracting new users and investments.

email distribution

The service involves sending promotional emails to the emails of current investors. How does it work? Our internal tools allow you to record the emails of active investors and constantly update the database, thus keeping the emails really relevant.

  • Service price: $150 / 3000 emails
  • The service includes the layout of the e-mail

Listing Package

The studio cooperates with a number of monitoring, bloggers and other investment portals. This service allows for comprehensive placement on a number of resources, which will provide you with excellent advertising and promotion. These resources have already proven to be an excellent conversion rate. In addition, it will come out cheaper than you will contact each representative of the resource yourself.

  • Service price: from $500

Integrated advertising

Advertising your project on popular resources of investment themes. Creation of themes and their support on popular investment forums, publications in thematic chats, placement of announcements on other specialized sites. We will help you to qualitatively distribute your advertising budget with a decent level of conversion.

  • Service price: from $150

Promo graphics

Development of saleable graphics: animated banners, unique logo, PDF presentation, social media packaging, a set of stickers, printable documents, layout development and any other unique wishes. Discounts when ordering from 3 units.

Marketing specialist to your team

Planning to launch and develop a project? Serious projects need their own marketer. This service implies hiring a specialist on staff to help launch and promote the project. You will get a really interested professional with extensive experience in the HYIP industry, let your project "shoot". For more information, please contact the studio.

  • Service price: from $100 / month
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