Video production and promo graphics


Need cool promotional materials for an investment project? A presentation video or a CEO actor for your company? Our team is ready to implement a video for your project, as well as any graphic creatives.


from 50$
(minimum order)

Development of unique high-level graphics. GIF banners, PDF presentations, unique logo, characters for the project, a set of stickers, avatars and covers for social networks and much more.

Video presentation

from 350$

Different types of video for your project. This can be a regular screencast style, which is great for visualizing how to interact with the site. Or it can be a cut of different video fragments + diction and subtitles. It can also be the creation of animation or a combination of all of the above.

High Level Video. Actor SEO for your company

from 7999$

Professional video for high-level companies. Actors, rental of offices and expensive cars, masses, corporate paraphernalia, conferences and more. Signing the actor to work for the entire duration of the project. Maximum momentum for your business. Expensive and spectacular.

Which tasks we are ready to close:

  • Discussion of the video project, finalization of the idea
  • Development of the script and speech of the actors
  • Search for actors (CEO of the company, managers of the company, people for extras)
  • Search and rent of locations (offices, director's office, conference room, etc.)
  • Corporate attributes (mugs, T-shirts, pens, flags, roll-ups, stands, brochures, door signs, etc.).
  • Rental of equipment and car
  • Signing actors for the required term (actor will be a brand ambassador for the company, recording video on requirements or conducting online meetings)
  • Filming and editing
  • Other individual requirements
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