Individual turnkey project

Let's bring your idea to life. We will develop, install, configure and launch a project of any type: HYIPs, online bingo / casino, exchanges, exchangers and any individual. Connect a lot of payments, including crypto.

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rent a ready-made hyip project

A unique service, for quick and comfortable start your own investment project. It is enough to fill out a small technical task and within 20 days you will get ready to launch your own hyip project.

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efficient marketing

The service implies a comprehensive promotion of your investment platform or any other resource of this topic. We will select the most optimal variant of promotional strategy, determine the sites for the best conversion and fully supervise the entire advertising push.

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Creating promotional videos and graphics

Creation of promotional graphics: animated banners, presentations, logos and other types of graphics. Creating videos based on your requirements. Video testimonials, screen recording, animation clips, frame cutting + announcer, professional video with actors, office, extras and other individual.

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Extra services

A number of useful services that you may need when working with investment projects and online business in general. Company registration, vulnerability checks, functionality improvements, security, and more.

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